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Established in 2005, Inkslinger is an official club at Biola University that operates as a staff of student editors and designers who review, collate, and publish a yearly print journal of exemplary student work.  We publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and photography and art in black and white.


We welcome submissions from Biola University students, alumni, and faculty as well as students from Christian colleges all across California.

We believe that writers and artists in every stage of life should have the opportunity to refine and share their work with peers.  We believe that words and images work together to tell stories in unique and imaginative ways. We also believe that printed, well-designed books are the best vessel in which to see one’s own work.

The mission of Biola University is to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. Click here to learn more about Biola University's values of truth, transformation, and testimony.


CHARLOTTE SNYDER – Editor-in-Chief

Inkslinger Charlotte Snyder

Meet Charlotte Snyder, our Editor-in-Chief and a senior from a small town in Utah with ten cows for every person. She’s majoring in English and Bible and is frequently found dog-earing pages in heavily annotated books and line dancing to the music in her headphones. Her favorite fashion statement is cowboy boots with joggers.


Inkslinger Arielle Anderson

Meet Arielle Anderson, our Vice President. She is an English Writing major in the Torrey program. She used to work for a blog called The Pop Song Professor because her other big passion is music (particularly singing and lyrics.) If you ever want to chat with her, just ask to talk about what a song means and someone might have to DRAG her away from the conversation before she’ll get tired of it!


Design Team


Inkslinger Clarissa Jocelyn

Meet Clarissa Jocelyn, one of our Photography and Art Editors. She is an Animation major in the Torrey Honors program. She is passionate about telling stories with art through the lens of theology and philosophy. Besides that, you will find her bingeing comics and eating desserts. 


Inkslinger Luke Robinson

Meet Luke Robinson, one of our Poetry and Art Editors. He begins his senior year majoring in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Animation. As you might have guessed, he enjoys drawing and keeping up on news concerning the Animation Industry. His more recent hobbies include golfing and taking guitar lessons.


Inkslinger Teresa Tikoo

Meet Teresa Tikoo, one of our Art Editors. She is a Bachelor of Fine Arts design major from Chicago, Illinois, who enjoys painting, thrifting, and a good iced caramel latte. Besides that, she loves being active and experiencing live music. 

Editorial Team


Inkslinger Brenna Alexander

Meet Brenna Alexander, one of our Poetry and Prose Editors. She is a junior transfer who loves Winnie the Pooh and mini Swedish Fish. If she’s carrying a tote bag, more likely than not, she has mini Swedish Fish that she’s more than willing to share. 


Inkslinger Alec Clothier

Meet Alec Clothier, one of our Poetry and Prose Editors. He is a super, senior who mourns the loss of Hart to the freshman. He spends his days avoiding homework and his nights reminiscing the times he crafted storylines for DnD campaigns. After all these years, he still attends Biola University.


Inkslinger Olivia Kam

Meet Olivia Kam, one of our Poetry and Prose Editors. She is an English Literature major and a Torrey Honors student. She enjoys listening to music, reading, going to the beach with her friends, and eating ramen. If you ever want to talk with her, just start a conversation about Taylor Swift, Greek mythology, or Marvel (especially WandaVision)!


Inkslinger Rebecca Madsen

Meet Rebecca Madsen, one of our Poetry and Prose Editors. She is a senior English writing major serving her third year on the Inkslinger team. She recently studied 18th-century literature at Oxford University and is passionate about the relationship between language and reality. She loves to read poetry and dystopian literature.


Inkslinger Ashley Brown

Meet Ashley Brown, one of our Poetry and Prose Editors. She’s an English major with high hopes of becoming a published author. You can find her pulling shots on the weekends at a coffee shop in Newport or writing poetry or reading a good book somewhere on campus. Her current hobby is learning how to cook with her husband!


Inkslinger Audrey Parker

Meet Audrey Parker, one of our Poetry and Prose EditorsShe is currently a junior in the Torrey Honors college majoring in English. When she’s not reading Plato or Austen, she moonlights with 5 years of experience in social media writing and editing. You can find her scouring the science fiction shelf at a local bookstore, extolling the virtues of indie coffee shops, or taking pictures of her pet cat, Cosmo (named after Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld). 


Inkslinger Ella Buell

Meet Ella Buell, one of our Art and Photography Editors. She is an adventurous and excited senior, continually ready to dive in head-first like she’s a freshman again. She is a curious student in Torrey Honors College, mostly in way over her head, but loving every bit of it. And she is one of the few people on campus either brave enough or stupid enough (only time can tell!) to major in painting. If she’s not in the studio making things, you’re sure to find her outside soaking up the sun or freaking out over the beauty of a dried up leaf. 


Inkslinger Joy Nowak

Meet Joy Nowak, one of our Poetry and Prose Editors. She is a senior Writing major who likes to eat good food and make interdisciplinary stuff with her friends. George Saunders is her favorite fiction writer, but she always turns to her three-year-old niece for the epic one-liners


Inkslinger Ava Hagenbach

Meet Ava Hagenbach, one of our Poetry and Prose Editors. She is a senior English Writing major from Thousand Oaks, California and prefers to read and write fiction. She used to think John Steinbeck was overrated until taking a class with Dr. Malandra, and thoroughly enjoys analyzing the characters in East of Eden. She loves her cat, a good coffee, and long and intricate sentences.

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