Meet Our Staff

Kelly McBride, President

Kelly is our Editor-in-Chief, studying creative writing and minoring in art. She writes for a group of home magazines and can tell you where to find period-appropriate tiles for your Victorian home. She likes animals, mountains, experiential art installations, and concision. Someday she hopes to reach a state of perfection where she never uses useless words.

Ryan Cook, Visual Editor

Ryan is our fearless, talented, out-of-this world Visual Editor. He makes the books look nice. And who doesn’t love nice-looking books? That’s right, no one. Thank you, Ryan, for saving us from an ugly-book fate.

Abigail Blake

Abby is a senior English major with a history minor.  She spends most of her time swimming in whatever body of water she’s closest to or running around on land. When sitting still, she enjoys a good book, cup of coffee, and cozy spot in the sunshine.

Grace Hansen

Grace is a junior English major with an emphasis in literature as well as a minor in business administration. She has been writing and reading poetry for about six years now, and it has given her an appreciation for the beauty of language. She also, of course, loves to read. In addition, Grace loves to hike, kayak, camp, swim and do just about anything outdoors!

Ian Heisler

Ian likes the English language a lot. He also likes the color orange and can juggle. He loves reading and discussing books, especially poetry, and especially Gerard Manley Hopkins. He tutors English at Cypress College and Lights On Learning.

Ian Koh

Ian is a senior at Biola, majoring in English with a concentration in writing. During his leisure time, Ian writes fiction and poetry and one day hopes to turn his hobby into a lucrative career. He is always on the lookout for adventures and mystery.

Marisa Lainson

Marisa aspires to be a vagabond poet. She loves words, cats and Marvel movies. She lives off of pomegranates and Earl Grey tea, and is a beginner in karate. Marisa is an English major at Biola with a concentration in writing and a minor in Spanish. You can find her working at the Writing Center, or, occasionally, playing Dungeons and Dragons in the library.

Jubilee Pham

Jubilee is a journalism major working towards becoming an editor for a publishing house. In her spare time she enjoys knitting, writing short essays, and stressing over fictional characters. Although quiet, Jubilee is in fact a huge nerd and will gladly discuss her favorite books and TV shows if asked.

Olivia Velazquez

Olivia is a junior English major with a writing emphasis. This is her first semester as an editor for the Inkslinger literary magazine, and she couldn’t be more excited! She loves stories and is an avid fictional characters’ rights activist (no really, it’s a thing!). When she is not busy protesting for believable character arcs, she can be found enjoying cinnamon lattes and all treats pertaining to chocolate in Heritage café on Biola’s campus. If she’s not there, she’s asleep.