Fmovies Official: Inspiring Animated Movies

Animated movies have been around for quite a time and until now, it remains to capture the hearts of many. Over the years, the art of animation evolved and it is evident to what is being shown to the masses. We all have a favorite animated movie and there are a lot more interesting ones out there. Even if these types of movies seem to be targeted only for younger audiences, the adults would surely enjoy these movies too.

How Inspiring!

These movies can get viewers feeling very much engaged with the story, feeling the wide range of emotions from feeling worried, sad, happy, or gritty. That is how much animated movies like these can capture many people. Thankfully, these can be done with fmovies. Here are just some of the animated movies that are inspiring.


It takes courage for a person that has dreams to pursue them…even if they do not look like they should. Just imagine a rat cooking in the kitchen. Now, don’t call pest control because he is trying to cook!  Yes, this crazy tale might sound silly, but there is a message behind this—no matter who you are or what you are, you have the ability to pursue your dreams.

Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale

After that tough day of having the whole world in her shoulders, Barbie decided to do something uplifting instead—visiting her aunt who owns a fashion boutique in Paris. However, there was a problem; they are on the verge of closing. With a cheerful heart, she found ways with the help of the new fashion designer and some fairy friends to bring back the magical place.


A story of true love that was displayed in the few seconds of the movie that touched the hearts of many…that is the way this movie is remembered. An old man decided to pull through the dreams of his and his deceased wife with the help of some friends.